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All in all just one person

Curious, maker, creative and interested in almost everything. This is how one could describe Jorrit van de Waal. Currently these characteristics come together in a job as lecturer and artist.


Born in 1977 in a small village called Wijnjewoude, the Netherlands. Raised in an artistic and educational environment. He graduated in 2000 for his Bachelor in 'Art education' specialising in sculpting and photography.  After that Jorrit started working at Stenden university in Leeuwarden where he is currently working as a lecturer at the leisure management bachelor program.


Besides his job as a lecturer he graduated from the Master of fine arts program 'MADtech' at the Frank Mohr Institute. 


"Jorrit van de Waal assigns behavioural properties to found objects, which results in animal-like kinetic sculptures. Van de Waal looks for the right balance in his sculptures; they should have a humorous effect while also evoking a sincere aspect of wonder. Without the proper attribution of motion and interaction, combined with the right materials and techniques, the tension between comical and poetic reality could easily be disrupted. 


Since the sculptures are interactive, the role of the beholder in relation to the sculptures is of great importance. The viewing mode is comparable to the interaction between visitors and animals at the zoo. With his sculptures, Van de Waal intends to have the viewer reflect on the subjectivity of perception and realise that meaning and opinions can easily be transformed. Additionally, the combination of existing objects and moving additives in the resulting animals are reminiscent of cabinets of curiosities. The viewer is invited to go on a curious and wondrous journey through the exhibition, like a nineteenth-century scientific adventurer."


by Vanessa van 't Hoogt, 2018 (graduation show FMI 2018) 

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