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Interactive art & (unusual)design



In a world of polarisation where critical thought and perception face great challenges. And yet the necessity of looking at things differently has become even more pressing. Even as a consumer we are limited by what mass production dictates. In this world originality in design has become exclusive. The same can be said about design and home renovations as we are led by the interior design magazines unusual becomes impossible. My mission is to break these patterns and stimulate personal taste with no compromise because there is a solution for each situation or problem. To those who find it hard to come up with a solution or are not sure how to implement their ideas I  would like to make my services available wether it's a technical challenge or support in design.

My artistical motivation is driven by the idea that we can view the world in many different ways. Fascinated by psychology and perception I try to show the viewer another way to perceive through interactive kinetic and/or light objects that challenge us to perceive in a different way and by that how we can give meaning to the world around us in a different way.

I would like to invite you to take a look around this site to get an impression of my art, design style and the solutions I've devised. I might give an impression on whether I could be of any help to you.


Of course you can also contact me directly.

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My artistic practice

Jorrit's werkplaats

Jorrit's werkplaats

De Inventieve Klus-Coach

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